My Hotmail has stopped working on Mac. What should I do?

Mac users might see that their Hotmail account has suddenly stopped working. Although, this is a rare attempt but whenever situations like this comes out, you feel so annoying. The things causing it might when Microsoft have migrated Hotmail to Live Mail now and Apple is updated to OS El Capitan. Previously, Hotmail is available on Mac Mail as a POP account but now it is available as IMAP. If you are non-technical user, you must be really confused due to this. Whenever issues like this appear against you, you can talk to the trained technicians at Hotmail Contact Number UK.

This can be said that there is something wrong if you use Apple’s Mail Settings Lookup and it shows that Hotmail accounts are now on IMAP when it is actually not. If you want to change POP to IMAP, you need to delete your Hotmail account from Mac completely and this will delete all the mails you have. We have proposed the right steps to change from POP to IMAP on a Mac without losing all your emails. The steps are suggested below:

• Export Emails: If you are a Mac user, you can export all of your emails instantly. Just click Mail and then tap Mailbox, thereafter click on Export Mailbox. You must ensure that you have selected all of your emails. To do so, just highlight ALL of your emails in that mailbox and then mark as unread Message.
• Disconnect your Hotmail from iCloud: you need to follow this step when you are initiating your Hotmail account as your Apple id. For disconnecting your Hotmail from iCloud, you need to proceed to Preferences, and then Account where you have seen this set up. And then remove the Account, do follow the link to preferences and unlink your email from iCloud after that.
• Add another account on Mac mail: you just have to go to Mail and then Add Account. Then you need to select ‘Other Mail Account’ and set up your Hotmail address. What you will see that your settings are set to IMAP on the Apple Mail Settings lookup.

You will see that your Hotmail account has started working now. If there is some issue still, connect to the proficient tech supporters at Hotmail Help Number UK. They offer great help to you whenever you see any unknown situation with your account.