What to do if the user has lost or forgotten Hotmail password?

Every user should make sure that his or her password. As this act like a gateway for not just accessing the Hotmail Account, but also make sure of conducting the necessary work.

All those users that want to know about the procedure which can ensure that the user can retrieve the password should bank on Hotmail Phone Number UK. like this not only the user will get a source from where the right information can be accessed but also mistakes which can be overrun through a corrective action plan. Well, for this professional having a sound knowledge is a must.

According to the professionals of Hotmail, the concerned user needs to follow the steps being mentioned by the experts. These are different methods for each device. If the user wants to know about accessing of the password while doing work on a Mobile, then follow steps –

On A Mobile –

1. The user, first of all, needs to open the Outlook. Now, tap on the Outlook App icon.
2. Now, just Tap on getting a Started dialog box.
• The user has to only reset their Hotmail password. If the user has never Logged into the account using Smartphone or Tablet or your account's password has recently been changed.

3. Over here the user needs to enter their Email Address. This will be executed inside the Text Field, that is placed in the middle of the page.

4. Now, tap on the Add Account dialog box. it is located below the Address Field. It will lead you towards password entry page–
• A user needs to skip this if the user has signed back into Hotmail after the password reset or reinstalling of the Hotmail App.

5. At this stage, the user needs to Tap on the Forgot My Password dialog. It is correctly located at the bottom of the screen.

6. Now, examine the I Forgot My Password dialog box. This is located at the top of the page.

7. Once, the user reaches here, then just Tap on Next dialog box.

8. A user has to correctly enter the verification code. Tap the Enter the Characters You See. textbox and then just type the characters that are mentioned in the Code Box directly above the TextBox.

9. Now, the user needs to Tap on Next.

10. Tapping on Account Recovery Option. Well, the user has to either Tap in the Email or Text on this page.

11. Entering of the Email or phone number is considered to be important.

12. Once, coming to this step, a user needs to Tap on Send Code. It is located at the lower right corner of the page. After this, a recovery code will be sent to your email address or registered the phone number.

13. Now, the user needs to finally retrieve the Code.

• Email – Opening of the recovery email address. The user needs to Select the email from Microsoft Account Team and not the code which is placed next to the Security Code.

• Text – The user needs to open the phone’s messages app. Tapping of the text from the Microsoft and then just text the code in the message.

14. Now, enter the recovery code.

15. At this stage, just enter the new password.

16. Finally, Tap on the Next dialog box, when prompted. A user will be directed back to the sign-in page. Over here the user can sign-in the account using the new password.

One will not have any trouble in following of the steps mentioned above, as the experts of Hotmail have not just used simple technique but procedure too. if the user still feels confused and wants to gain more information then, just communicate with the experts through Hotmail help number UK. Now, the user will not have any difficulty in retrieving the password of their Hotmail Account.